Traffic Tech Lights up Victoria Road!

As the RMS tests Lane Delineation Lights, Traffic Tech was chosen to replace the In Pavement Lights (IPLs) on Victoria Road, Drummoyne, in Sydney. This marks the completion of, "Lane Delineation Lights Stage 1", with the replacement of 12 IPLs carried out over the course of two nights.

Traffic Tech would like to thank Braums, (a division of Aldridge Traffic Controllers), for their invaluable contribution to what are the first Swarco Lane Lights to be installed in Sydney. Jim Morris, MD of Traffic Tech says "we've worked with Swarco and ATC over the years and with the success of this installation, I can see a great future for IPLs to help guide motorists through sections of main roads which are subject to "Tidal Flow" lane changes!"

A total 3500+ leaflets were distributed to the local residents & businesses in the area advising them of the roadworks. Thanks to the local community for their understanding. Thanks also to the use of innovative active noise suppression plant and equipment, this project had little environmental impact, which has added to its success.

The NSW RMS noted that "It was pleasing to see that the installation company (Traffic Tech) has adopted vertical integration to provide 'supply to install' value chain for ITS projects, contrary from the conventional supplier and installer segregated business model. The value chain of linking the global supply solution to local installation expertise has enabled a seamless delivery of this world class infrastructure project. Well done Jim. I hope our paths will cross again in the near future".

TT JV Joint Venture

Jim Morris, Managing Director, Traffic Tech and Lucien Perizonius, Managing Director, Jansen Venneboer are excited to seal the technology partnership developed between the two companies. "We might operate from opposite sides of the globe, but the collaboration between Jansen Venneboer and Traffic Tech is seamless and mutually beneficial" says Jim Morris.

The success of this partnership is already realized with the winning of the Jurong Island (Reverse Traffic Flow) Tender in Singapore. Installing two VEVA® 3 systems in September 2016.

With the roads and traffic experience Traffic Tech has (over 15 years) and the technology Jansen Venneboer bring, the partnership is a win-win for the ITS industry.

This international distribution agreement sees all corners of the globe now having access to these high tech, robust, movable barriers:

  • ARMB - low profile rapid movable median
  • VEVA - crash rated movable barrier
  • CADO - Emergency Gate, to allow access for emergency vehicles or to provide an exit for vehicles.
All of these movable medians can be controlled remotely, adding to their efficiency and safety on the roads. Please contact me if you would like further information on any of these on

Traffic Tech announced as INDECT parts distributor.

Jim Morris, Traffic Tech MD with Dale Fowler, Director, INDECT
at Parking Australia Convention & Exhibition Brisbane 2014

Traffic Tech exhibited at the Parking Australia Convention and Exhibition in Brisbane, Queensland in September 2014 showcasing the Surface Mounted Rubber Vehicle Detector and the iStud Vehicle Detector for the car park industry. The convention was also a great opportunity to announce a new agreement between Traffic Tech and INDECT for the supply of INDECT spare parts in the Australian market.

INDECT is a world leader in parking guidance systems and single space administration and car park management.

Jim Morris from Traffic Tech says "We are very excited about the opportunities that arise from this distribution agreement with INDECT. We have been involved in the parking industry for over 14 years and being able to supply INDECT spare parts to our existing customers, means that Traffic Tech is the go to supplier for the parking industry from access control to parking guidance components!"


After higher than average rainfall affecting Taree's outlying areas, the Greater Taree Council decided it was time to erect some signs to notify drivers of bridge closures.

Traffic Tech was engaged to supply a "Bridge Closed" sign which can be remotely activated by council officers, using the SMS texting module incorporated in the sign.

This solar powered sign carries the latest technology for radio controlled signs and has SMS reporting capabilities for such things as "low battery"!

Traffic Tech can customise a sign to suit your needs whether its a stand alone LED flashing sign for speed warning, high tech - radio controlled, sensor activated, or whatever requirements you have, Traffic Tech has a solution for you.

Here's the Taree sign alerting drivers about the bridge closure.

Tour Down Under - another Success for Eliminator Paint and Elite Marking
Every year, the boys at Elite Marking keep a few bike lengths ahead of the pack marking out the Skoda signage
for the Tour Down Under, held in Adelaide each January.
Elite Marking use Traffic Tech's Eliminator Paint which is perfect for this project as the paint needs to be applied before each stage rides through and then removed once the race is over.
Application of the Eliminator Paint Application of Eliminator Paint at night
The Peloton riding through, showing how the Eliminator Paint stands up to the test
of hundreds of bikes being ridden over the paint.
Another application of the Eliminator Paint at night and Andre Greipel wins Stage 1.
Elite Marking are based in Adelaide, their website is:
For more information on Eliminator Paint, head to the Products page on our website.

Managing Director, Jim Morris, Visits NYC

Jim Morris, Managing Director of Traffic Tech Australia, Mary Ho, President of China Frontier, and Haley Newman, Designer, discussed the emerging role of developing global competencies critical for leading sustainable business practices. Traffic Tech is a diverse globally based company situated in Sydney, Australia with business presence in Asia, New Zealand, Europe and U.S. regions. (Read more)


With the purchase of a “state of the art” road saw, Traffic Tech can now add saw cut loops to their range of products. We are currently in the middle of installing 180 TMU saw cut loops onto the M4 in Sydney as part of a major upgrade of the motorway. Traffic Tech strives to be the cleanest and greenest loop installers in the country using the latest in waste water and slurry extraction systems.

This photo shows the new saw in use on the M4.

New Road Saw in use

Here we are exhibiting at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2012 from LR Richard Eaton, (Operations Manager Traffic Tech), Jim Morris (Managing Director Traffic Tech) and Neil Cunningham (Technical Director at the Civic Group Ireland ) our European Distributor.

Jim is holding the new iStud Standalone Vehicle Detector which attracted an enormous amount of attention, based on their ease of installation, cost effectiveness and durability. With Traffic Tech as the Exclusive Distributor of the iStud Stand Alone Vehicle Detectors, your expectations of these detectors will be exceeded!

We offer a full service of installation of all our pre-formed loops. Go to the Products tab on this website to download the brochure, or contact Jim Morris on 02 9477 7262 or for more information.


Jim attended the ITS Asia Pacific show in Kuala Lumpur earlier in April. Once again, there was great interest in the new iStud Standalone Vehicle Detector. Please see our Products page to download the brochure for more information.




For the first time in the iconic Sydney Habour Bridge’s 79 year History, the bridge was closed for re-surfacing for two weekends in January 2012. Roads and Maritime NSW (RMS) needed a company with a proven track record of supplying reliable products, to install vehicle sensors during the resurfacing process and turned to Traffic Tech to achieve this.

The sub-surface EzyLoops are used to monitor traffic flow on the bridge, collecting data about vehicle speeds, traffic volume and vehicle classification. This data is used by various groups within and external to RMS to make infrastructure planning decisions for the future.  The loops themselves also work in conjunction with the SCATS (Sydney Co-ordinated Adaptive Traffic System) system to monitor direction of contraflow traffic as the lane directions can be configured depending on desired traffic flow.

The weather wasn’t kind to the workers with heavy rain falling during both weekends of resurfacing, but they worked through day and night and managed to complete the job in 2 weekends, right on schedule. Below are some photos of the EzyLoop installation, thanks to Jay Ng Project Manager, Roads and Maritime NSW for taking the photos and giving us permission to use them.



Intertraffic Amsterdam facilitates four days of global networking and allows you to become acquainted with the latest trends and developments in our industry. A comprehensive educational programme and a range of exciting side events will further ensure that your visit will be time well spent. We look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam RAI and showing you all that keeps mankind moving!

Top reasons to visit Intertraffic:

·         Most authoritative traffic technology trade event worldwide
·         World leading multimedia traffic technology and mobility market place
·         All segments under one roof
·         More than 800 exhibitors from 45 countries
·         New area: Cooperative Driving/Smart Mobility
·         Real live demonstrations
·         See the latest innovations and technologies
·         Network with your peers worldwide



The latest successful placement for Traffic Tech’s Eliminator Paint was during the July V8 Supercar race in Townsville, Queensland. The Eliminator paint was used to mark out the grid slots and the start/finish lines of the 2011 Sucrogen Townsville 400. The V8 Supercar race consists of 400km's of unforgiving street racing where the cars drove repeatedly over the Eliminator Paint lines. Eliminator Paint withstood this test and was then easily removed after the last race and the road handed back to the general public with no trace there was even a race held!

V8 start


During the IPEWA (Institute of Public Works) National conference in Canberra in August, Jim Morris launched the new Flood Warning System which is one of a number of applications for their “Solar Powered” RF Controlled LED Flashing Sign Systems, manufactured by Traffic Tech.


A sensor is placed at a level so when water reaches it, a signal is transmitted to the LED Solar powered Sign. The lights will flash, warning drivers to avoid the road or bridge.

There are so many uses for this type of system, the LED Solar Powered Signs are used in School Zone (40km) Signs. We have even used a sign for a cattle crossing, to signal the driver to reduce speed and stop. A gate closes over the road for safe transfer of cattle from one paddock to another across the road!


We are very excited about the applications for this type of warning system, especially as spring is here and the rivers rise, it will make driving through flood prone areas much safer. Check out the Products tab on the website for more information or call us on 02 9477 7262.


The Traffic Tech Pedestrian Switch Pads have been placed at the busiest pedestrian crossing at Butler University - as you will see from the video below, the students really appreciate the new warning system in place to keep them safer when crossing the road. There are so many applications for these switch pads with flashing light warning systems - see the Products page on this website.


A joint venture between the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, Sydney City Council and Traffic Tech has resulted in the first Ezyloops Bicycle Switch Pads(BSP) being installed in the Sydney CBD.

Jim Morris, MD of Traffic Tech and inventor of the switch pad was also involved in the installation and says “these pads detect bicycles at intersections. Sydney is a city with an enormous number of couriers on bikes and an increasing number of commuter cyclists. Cyclists are more likely to obey the signals if they can be sure that they have been detected waiting at the stop line, making it safer for all of us”. The new bike pad has only been in operation for a few short weeks, with the RTA being happy with the joint venture, as all has gone smoothly with the installation and operation.Engineers from the City of Sydney Council have been very impressed with the ease of installing the bicycle switch pads and early testing shows great promise for the future of this product on Sydney cycle ways. The way the bicycle switch pad works is so simple, yet so effective. A cyclist wanting to cross an intersection rides onto the pad which detects the bike and communicates with the traffic lights to give the cyclist their own “green light” to cross.


After installing Ezyloops for nearly 10 years, for Queensland Roads, Traffic Tech is excited to announce approval from them as the preferred method of installation of preformed loops in new and mill/re-sheeted intersections, funny how the wheels of government work! Traffic Tech has been installing Ezyloops in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, for nearly 10 years. These sub-surface vehicle sensors are preformed and ready to install.

The main reason for approval from Queensland Roads comes off the back of the success of Ezyloops by road authorities worldwide, including the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority approval over ten years ago! With no saw-cutting of the road/pavement, the Ezyloops system simply sticks to the pavement, actually reinforcing it. Jim Morris the inventor of Ezyloops and owner of Traffic Tech, the manufacturer of Ezyloops says “we have worked with the Queensland Roads for 10 years, it’s great they have now made it official that the Traffic Tech’s Ezyloops are now ‘type’ approved!”

Installation of Ezyloops


In recent trials in London for the Olympics in 2012, the Eliminator Removable Paint is exceeding expectations in the tests for use for the marathon runners, walkers and bus routes. These paints are compatible with existing application equipment and yield exceptional coverage, opaqueness and glass-bead retention. Eliminator removable paints are the world's first successful road-marking paints that are totally environmentally friendly.

This was highlighted in the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Melbourne, where it was used to identify bus routes and the marathon route (GL – Games Lane – see below). The city of Melbourne was then able to quickly and cost effectively remove the lines when no longer needed. Traffic Tech MD Jim Morris says “it is certainly exciting being involved with the Olympics in London in 2012, this will lead to other specialty sport and event applications for the paint. We are also currently talking with the F1 guys for the Melbourne race.”

Traffic Tech hold the world distribution rights for Eliminator Removable Paint which has now been successfully used in projects such as traffic diversion in the widening of motorways, during the various marathons run throughout Sydney and the Tour Down Under, South Australian cycling race. Plus various successful projects around Australia, New Zealand and now the United Kingdom.

Traffic Tech will be at Intertraffic Amsterdam in March 2010

Intertraffic was established in 1972 and has since evolved into easily the most important and largest platform for transportation infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking sectors. The 20th edition of Intertraffic will take place in Amsterdam RAI the Netherlands 23, 24, 25 and 26 March 2010.

Why Intertraffic?

Professionals from all over the world visit and participate at Intertraffic Amsterdam.

This is why:
• Intertraffic is the best way to keep you up to speed with the very latest trends and developments.
• Intertraffic Amsterdam is organised once every two years to ensure that the products shown at the exhibition are totally new. Innovation is the key word at Intertraffic.
• Intertraffic offers a fully comprehensive overview of the traffic and transport industry, provided by well over 700 exhibitors. All under one roof.
• Intertraffic is the place where more than 25,000 professional visitors and exhibitors meet, network and do business with each other.
• Solutions for all your problems regarding infrastructure, traffic management and parking can be found at Intertraffic.

Dateline June 2008
EzyLoops systems expand into Europe with launch at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2008.

Traffic Tech has expanded its presence into Europe with the launch of the NEW Tactile Switch Pad (TSP) at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2008. Over 1,000 people visited the stand and most were impressed and interested in the new method of pedestrian detection. The new Switch Pads are available in a number of configurations and surface finishes and have the ability to detect various traffic types, from detecting the presents of a pedestrian waiting at a Pedestrian-crossing through to being able to detect the direction that a bicycle is travelling on a priority bicycle lane. The cost of a switch pad, including the Nortech controller, (providing directional detection) will be far less than that of a traditional Infra Red or Video detectors. Accor SA in France has, until now, been the only European distributor of Traffic Tech's products and has been using the EzyLoops Systems pre-formed Surface-mounted vehicle detection loops in car-park installations since 2004 with great success. The new switch pads will provide car park customers with a non-invasive and cost effective alternative to the installation of (2 saw-cut loops + duel channel detector) for directional counting and boom-gate operations. Sales of the Tactile Switch Pads in Europe are set to multiply with distribution agreements ready to be signed in Holland, Spain and Germany. Civic Group (Ireland) and Lochwynd (UK and Dubai) were co-exhibitors at Intertraffic and have now come on line with the manufacture of the EzyLoops Systems, Sub-surface loops and are also the exclusive distributors of the Pedestrian, Bicycle and Vehicle switch pads. Sales of EzyLoops systems, Sub-surface loops and of the new switch pads is set to far exceed sales forecasts in the first year in the UK and Ireland. Trail installations of the loops are already planned and both companies are working together to obtain "type approval" for EzyLoops. For more information on these and other Traffic Tech products call sales on Int + 61 (0)2 9477 7262

Dateline March 2006
Eliminator removable paint used for Commonwealth Games Blue "Games Lane" line!
Eliminator removable road marking paint was used for the first time in Australia by the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Authority, for use on the designated Games Lanes (GL). The "Blue Line" that can be seen along Melbourne streets had to be easy to apply, durable enough to last for the two months leading up to and during the games but most importantly had to be able to be removed without leaving scaring to the road surface (a requirement of VIC ROADS).
The added benefit of Eliminator is that the paint is permanent until a non-solvent based neutralizer is applied to the surface of the line or logo, the paint can then be simply hosed of the road, with NO hazardous chemical residue. Image Linemarking were engaged to apply and remove the line and were impressed by its simplicity. Manufactures tests have shown that Eliminator is compatible with all commonly used waterborne paints. That means NO flushing of the lines before switching from one paint to another. Just ran out the paint in the tank and blow the lines out when changing paints. Over 1,000 Lt of Eliminator was supplied to Melbourne 2006 and with applications in road construction, maintenance and for major events markings; it looks like this new and innovative product has a bright future.
Eliminator removable road marking paint is an entirely new patented product from Traffic Tech. It is so eco friendly that you could wash it off the road with no more PPE than you would use to wash your own car. Eliminator removable traffic paints are totally environmentally friendly. These water born paints are quick drying, durable, and can be rapidly removed at any time, without grinding, blasting or the use of harsh solvents. The patented chemistry has ultra low VOC's and totally decomposes into the environment without any negative ecological impact. Eliminator paints are compatible with all existing application equipment and yield exceptional coverage as well as good retro reflective bead retention.
Traffic Tech Pty Ltd is the Australasian distributor for Eliminator paints and is also the larges distributor of removable line marking tape in Australia. For information on theses products see their web site. or contact them on 02 9477 7262.

Dateline, November 2005
Sydney Cross City Tunnel Engineers choose Brite-Line removable road-marking tape.
Sydney's Cross City Tunnel is soon to open and is set to be a jewel in Sydney's road network. The Tunnel is one of the most technically advanced roadways ever built in Australia and is being built right in the middle of Australia's largest city. This presented engineers with many challenges. One such challenge was to construct the tunnel approaches with minimal disruption to Sydney's already hectic traffic corridors and to co-ordinate the many traffic deviations that were required during the various phases of construction.
The challenge for construction engineers was to pave and line-mark the approaches to the tunnel in order to provide a smooth transition for road traffic when the tunnel finally opens. Baulderstone Hornibrook approached Traffic Tech (already supplying their EzyLoop System for vehicle incident detection in the tunnel) for a solution to this line marking challenge. Jim Morris, Sales Manager for Traffic Tech recommended the use of removable road tape to temporarily line-mark the approaches to the tunnel, so that immediately before the opening day the tape could be easily removed. The plan was to lay the new pavement on the approaches to the tunnel and mark the sections of existing road that are affected by the tunnel on-ramps with removable road tape. This would accommodate the current traffic flow configurations and allow for the new line marking to be quickly applied once the tape had been removed. Brite-line removable road marking tape is ideal for this application and can be removed without any scaring to the new pavement in order for the permanent markings to be laid in the new "open tunnel" configuration.
After initial trials, Baulderstone Hornibrook has used nearly two thousand metres of the Brite-line removable line marking tape. Baulderstone Hornibrook is equally impressed by the Brite-line tapes' ease of application, removal and durability. In some areas of the tunnel approaches the Brite-line tape was down for over six months before being removed. The removal was done with ease and more importantly without grinding or scarring of the road surface.
For more information on these and other Traffic Tech products contact sales on 02 9477 7262 or and

Dateline, June 2002
Councils see the light in Tech Studs
Tech Studs by Traffic Tech are lighting the way in areas where it is vital for road users to be able to see the configuration of traffic calming devises. Ideal situations for the installation of Tech Studs can be seen around Sydney and on the Central coast of NSW and are also being specified in Brisbane in pedestrian islands, traffic calming islands and roundabouts. TechStuds are installed by coring and placing the stud into the pavement or kerb, they will not be knocked off by vehicle Traffic. These studs are made of toughened glass; they (unlike plastic studs) will not fade, discolor or lose any of their reflective ability. The glass studs are inert and will not attract dust and self clean during rain. Once a roundabout has been fitted with Tech-Studs the affect is permanent.
Tech-Studs solar powered flashing LED versions are being used, in conjunction with the passive Tech-Studs to give a permanent and highly visible solution to the problem of delineating any traffic situation.
Compare the life of your plastic marker and the question of safety versus cost. You can now have both with up to twenty years life mounted in concrete or the life of the pavement at the very least. Have you seen the Light?