The Incredible advantages of the glass Tech Studs optical toughened glass, a genuine top of the range material that is harder than steel gives the stud and excellent optical quality and unmatched mechanical properties:

  • The compressive strength is over 30 Tonnes

  • The shock resistance is over 30 Joules

  • Impressive scratch and abrasion resistance in comparison to plastic

The 360º: higher quality at the best price
Made at the Holophane glassworks and sold under the trademark Tech Studs, the 360º has a very interesting and unique optical characteristic.
It is a unidirectional road marker. From whatever direction the driver approaches, this stud provides a very high reflectivity to each individual one.
This stud works on the optical catadioptric reflector principle. It is available in the different colours used internationally.
The 360º complies with all the requirements of standards around the world including the European Standard EN 1463.
If installed correctly the studs will last the lifetime of the structure in which they are installed. Tech Studs will not be dislodged by vehicles that ride up onto islands and median strips Tech-Studs are the absolute, long term solution for the delineation of traffic facilities.

Tech-Studs Technical Data Sheet
Tech Studs installation video
Tech Studs brochure