Tactile Pedestrian Pads

The switch pad is only 3.5 mm with a 1.5 mm lip. Constructed of heavy duty non-corrosive materials. The non-slip tactile surface can be made to comply with any international tactile guidance standard. The switch pad is simply adhered to the surface of an existing pedestrian ramp. This patented pedestrian switch pad (PSP 1200) has been designed to be placed onto the surface of pedestrian ramps as a supplementary call button as well as being able to cancel a pedestrian call if vacated. Each button or rows of buttons on the switch pad can be individually activated so that both presence and general direction can be determined. The SP 500 is ideally suited to foot switch applications where repetitive use of larger foot controls may cause fatigue. The low profile and sensitivity of the SP 500 has made it the operator’s choice in many food preparation and drive through applications.

View a video about tactile pads HERE
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Download the Switch Pad and Controller manual